How to travel Can Tho – Mekong Delta?

It’s not easy but not so hard. Before traveling to somewhere new, you should do some research to know some basic information like:

  • Where to stay
  • what to see
  • where to eat
  • transportation.


In this Article, We will give you enough information so you can travel Can Tho on your own easily. There are many articles out there teach you how to travel Can Tho and there are many articles talk about its famous floating markets : Cai Rang floating market and Phong Dien floating market. So in this article we are not giving you repeated information which you may already know. We just focus on our purpose of this article: How to travel Can Tho. Ok, let’s get started.

First destinations are always floating markets, but what time is the best time to see the markets? As I have talked with many people who said that they visited the floating market around 8AM or even 9AM which there is nothing left to see.

The floating markets started very early in the morning. in my opinion, you should be at Ninh Kieu Port at 6AM or even earlier if you are a photographer. Just walk down there and many boat owners will surround you inviting to use their boat tour services. Just check one and bargain. in case if you want to travel alone and enjoy your time privately, you should take a private boat, it’s about 300.000vnd. If you want to have some companies, join a public boat tour. They will get you to Cai Rang, Phong Dien floating market and to see Can Tho fruit gardens.

But this article is about travel Can Tho alone, so you should take a boat and do this route:

  • visit Phong Dien floating market first
  • back to Cai Rang floating market
  • go to visit Can Tho garden fruit and noodle factory to see how local people produce noodle.
  • visit My Khanh to see an old house inside their garden.

Where to stay in Can Tho?

There are many places to stay there, but if you are going to travel to Can Tho during weekend, you should book your room in advance. Ideally, you should stay around Ninh Kieu Port. It’s easily to find a restaurant to eat there, or you can go to night market at night, go for some coffe at river side coffe shop there.

If your budget is high, you may consider to stay at

  • Kim Tho Hotel – Which is a 3 star river side hotel – It may cost around 50-60$/night.
  • Hau Giang Hotel – It’s a beautiful hotel there, just 2 minutes away from Ninh Kieu Port.

If you have a tigher budget: consider to stay at:

  • Nam Do Hotel : it’s about 300.000-400.000vnd (15-20$ us dollars) per night. Tel: 0710 3815188

How to get around?

  • Get a taxi if you want
  • rent a motorbike if you want to go to other parts of Can Tho City.
  • join a boat tour to explore its eco system.

How to get to Can Tho ?

  • If you are in Sai Gon, take a Phuong Trang bus to get to Can Tho which take about 4 hours. It costs 100.000vnd (about 4.5 Us dollars)
  • Call their hot line at : 1900 6067 or visit their website :
  • If you plan to travel to Can Tho at night, you can go at 1AM or 2 so when you get there, you can go right away to Ninh Kieu Port and start your trip from there.

Where to eat in Can Tho?

  • If you stay in Can Tho City, you don’t have to worry about that. You can find many nice places to eat. You may want to try deep fried fish in Can Tho.
  • There are many street food vendors who sell at night in Can Tho, you should take your time to explore Can Tho.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


How to travel Can Tho
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