Travelling Mekong Delta – FAQs part II

After pulishing Travelling Mekong Delta – FAQs, we’ve asked many questions which you coundn’t find from any website about travelling around the Mekong Delta. So today we make it easier for those who are interested in exploring the Mekong by giving you some helpful information below. There we go.


1/ Is it easy to find a travel agent in the Mekong Delta, especially in Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province.

Yes, you can find it easily in any cities around the Mekong Delta. Just tell them what you want and where you want to go then they can help you to plan your trip. And of course, if you are going to Rach Gia and want to find a travel agent, You can contact us any time you wish.

2/ Do the flood seasons affect to tourism? Could I drive during the flood seasons?

As we said in privious post, It’s doesn’t matter and coudn’t affect to tourism. You can go from this city to one another easily. If you are going to the Mekong Delta in that seasons you shouldn’t miss visiting Chau Doc because you will see something very unique that you coundn’t see in the rest of Vietnam.

3/ Transportations:

There are some commom questions : How far from Tra Vinh City to Rach Gia, bus from Tra Vinh to Rach Gia City, Bus from Rach Gia City to Ha Tien… and so on..

If you are going to Rach Gia City, you need to take two buses: The first one to get to Can Tho City, from there, you will take another bus to Rach Gia city.

If you are going to Ha Tien from Rach Gia City, you just simply go to Rach Gia station and buy a ticket to Ha Tien which takes about 1 hour to get to Ha Tien. As we mentioned before that you should only take Phuong Trang or Mai Linh.

How to get to Ha Tien without stopping by Rach Gia City: You can take a bus to Chau Doc, then you can get to Ha Tien easily from there.

4/ Some questions about Phu Quoc island:

Could I find a homestay in Phu Quoc ( Phu Quoc homestay) : there was no homestay in Phu Quoc island before, but fortunately, We’ve finished our new house there for travellers who are interested in Homestay. So if you are looking for homestay in Phu Quoc, please contact us.

Could I find a hotel on my arrival in Phu Quoc island :

It depends on whether you are going on holiday seasons or not. If you are going there on holliday seasons, you’d better book your hotel in advance. If not, It’s impossible to find a room to stay.

We also got some questions from those who need us to book for them. Our answer is yes, we can help you to book a room for you, but you have to deposit 50% the price of the hotel. for example, if you coundn’t find a room and want us to book for you, You should deposit 50% the price. We will return your money for you when you are going back to Rach Gia City or by transferring through a bank.

Another common question is: Could I buy the ferry tickets to Phu Quoc on my arrival? 

More people around the world, as well as other parts of Vietnam, are coming every season to see the island of paradise – Phu Quoc Island. It makes you coudn’t buy a ferry ticket when you are coming here on Holiday seasons. So many people have asked us that could they buy some ferry ticket to Phu Quoc on their arrival. My answer is, definately no, you can’t find a seat in holiday season to Phu Quoc island.

Can I buy the ferry tickets online?

for some reasons, their don’t save ticket online so you can’t buy online. So you’d better join a travel agent then they can help you to buy your tickets before your arrival.

So if you are looking for a travel agent to help you buying your ferry tickets to Phu Quoc, do not hesitate to email or call us. We can help you. We can also help you to have a seat on the ferry if you cound’t buy the ferry tickets. As well as to check for your bus schedule to HCMC or any part in Vietnam.

4/ What and where should I eat in Mekong Delta, Rach Gia City :

We’re also asked where to try some snake soup and snake wine. Is it easy to find one in Mekong Delta or Rach Gia City.
If you are going to Rach Gia City, you should try some special dishes including snake soup and snake wine. Not every restaurant has snake in the menu. But if you have a local friend or a tour guide, You can find it easily around the city.

There are many nice restaurants around the city. But if you want to try something different then go to the beach and try some seafoods.

Travelling Mekong Delta – FAQs part II
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