Travelling Mekong Delta – FAQs

After travelling MeKong Delta for years, I understand that many people usually have many questions before travelling to Mekong Delta such as: Where to stay in Mekong DeltaWhat to see in Mekong DeltaWhere to eat in Mekong DeltaWhen is the best time to visit Mekong Delta and so on. So I am trying to answer as much as I can, and hope it will be helpful for travellers who want to visitit Mekong Delta someday.
First of all, I want to repeat that there are 13 provinces in Mekong Delta, and It’s not a mere spot to answer some questions like this: How long do I need to spend in Mekong Delta? is one day enough to visit Mekong Delta….?  If you are going to see just floating markets, my answer would be yes. You can only need one day to see the floating markets in Can Tho, but not the Mekong Delta. But did you know that the best time to visit floating markets is before the lunar new year in Vietnam? and you must be get started around 4-5AM?
Another question I usually read that: how could I get to Mekong Delta ? Is there any bus to get to Mekong Delta at night or in midnight? : It’s very easy to get to Mekong Delta. You can take Mai Linh bus : 400A Lê Hông Phong, P.1, Q.10, TP.HCM. And they leave every 30 minutes to 13 provinces in Mekong Delta all day and night. 
Where to go in Mekong Delta or What are the most beautiful places worth seeing in Mekong Delta:
If you are planning to go to Mekong Delta You may want to visit : Cai Rang floating market, Phong Dien floating market in Can Tho, but you shouldn’t forget to visit the island system in Rach Gia City, Kien Giang province includes: Phu Quoc island, Nam Du island, Ba Lua island which is located in Ha Tien. I’ve also received many questions about: How to go to Phu Quoc island, so if you are going to Phu Quoc island by buses, you should take a day to visit Rach Gia City which is 90km away from Ha Tien. And you can book your tickets through phone or I can help you to book your tickes to Phu Quoc island because many ticket sellers don’t speak English. 
– How far from Can Tho to Duyen Hai, Tra Vinh Or can I catch a bus to get to Duyen Hai, Tra Vinh? 
It’s about 70km to get to Tra Vinh City, and 60km to get to Ba Dong beach from Tra Vinh City. There are no direct busses to get to Duyen Hai from Can Tho, so you should take another bus in Tra Vinh City.
And two important questions are: is it safe if I am carrying a DSRL camera with me when travelling to Mekong Delta? Is it safe if I am going there alone? My answer is: yes, people are friendly. I’ve been travelling the sound with my two Dsrl cameras with me and I have no problems in Mekong Delta, Just remember that Don’t forget to give people your smile when taking photos on treets.
You’re looking for a homestay in Rach Gia,  Kien Giang, Mekong Delta, but you don’t know where to find one
Travelling Mekong Delta – FAQs
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