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Looking for U Minh Thuong Tours? Join us . It would be an unforgettable trip


U Minh Thuong National Park is widely considered the richest region in terms of plant and animal life in the Mekong delta. It boasts of over 243 species plant. The park has a rich mammalian population, totaling an impressive 32 species, which includes hairy-nosed otters and fishing cats. U Minh Thuong National Park is a haven for rare and endangered birds. A total of 187 birds have been recorded here, including the oriental darter, spot-billed pelican, black-headed ibis, glossy ibis, greater spotted eagle and Asian golden weaver. There are also a total of 39 amphibian species and 34 species of fish in the park.

Exploring Mekong Provides U Minh Thuong Tours. So join us to see  U Minh Thuong National Park  and you may be suprised that you didn't visit or heard about them before.  We provide two options for you:

u minh tour


You can choose to travel with us by motorbike or private car.

1/ U Minh Thuong Tours 1 (day trip)   : 1 day :  - Start in Rach Gia City - > visit U Minh Thuong National National Park- > Rach Gia Countryside to visit some crab/shrimp farming villages and enjoy some special grilled fish there with local people -> get a boat to explore around the area.

2/ U Minh Thuong Tours 2.  1 night/ 2 days or 2 nights/3 days: Rach Gia - U Minh Thuong National Park - > Visit some crab & shrimp farming villages ->  Rach Gia stork Garden -> Ha Tien.


1 person: $40 /person per day

2 people: $35/ per person per day

Special price for Rach Gia Day trip

Or if you are looking for motorbike taxi service, please contact us. It's way cheaper for those who want to get around Rach Gia City.

- Motorcycle(s), all fuel;
- Tour guide/Translator/photographer;
- All food - Noodle soup, bread with egs, orange juice;
- All entrance fees, permits;
- Exploring Mekong provides support. We are with you along the way;
- Vietnamese tea and rice wine.

Not including:

- boat rental.
- Personal expenses, personal medical insurance;
- Drinks other than tea and local rice wine;
- Single room supplement;
- Motorbiking protective pants, jacket, gloves, helmet, rain gear and other safety equipment at favourable rental rate;
- Train or flight tickets;
- Tips.



• No deposit refund.
• No refund for cancellation during the tour.