Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Phan Rang A Southern coast of Vietnam

Vietnam Photo Tour – Exploring Phan Rang A Southern coast of Vietnam

It was our Vietnam Photo Tour with our customers exploring many beautiful destinations in Vietnam. We traveled along the coast of Vung Tau to visit some beautiful fishing villages capturing local fishermen using unique fishing methods to fish and up to Binh Thuan and capture its beautiful sand dunes there and then Phan Rang is one of our favorite destinations that we would like to share with you today.

Phan Rang has many beautiful and photogenic destinations and offers a wide range of photography subject such as portrait, landscape, seacape photography. It’s sand dunes are most beautiful with the shape which gradually change over time. To technically, it’s different everytime we visit it. So it’s a very interesting place to visit during our Vietnam Photo Tours. The sand dunes are more beautiful because you don’t encounter any tourists there like Binh Thuan one.

We had more 18 customers this time who join our Vietnam Photo Tours. We got up pretty early and left to the sand dunes at 4PM. There is one reason that we did that because the sun in this region rise earliest in Vietnam.


The weather was good and give us amazing photos during the trip. Some even tried to climb to the highest point of the sand dunes to capture panoramic view of this beautiful City.


And these are some photos that taken by our photographers during the trip.



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