Vietnam Photo Tour – The North

Vietnam Photo Tour

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Vietnam Photo Tour – Exploring the Northern Highlands.

I often travel around Vietnam with my customers on Vietnam Photo Tours. This time my customers and I explore the northern parts of Vietnam during harvest season to capture the golden rice terraces.

We traveled to Mu Cang Chai district – Yen Bai Province. The weather was cool and the rice terraces were magnificient.

The most important thing when planning a trip to this region is to be at the right time. The rice will be planted on different timing each year. Some years early, some year later. So the best way is to check with the local. If you want to see the peak of the harvest, you must know when they first plant the crop. That’s why you should ask a local or join Vietnam Photo Tour in order to achive your goals.

I have been organizing Vietnam Photo Tours around Vietnam for 8 years from the south to the north. So that is why I always get my customers there at the right time.

If you are leading photo tours to Vietnam, I think you should join Vietnam Photo Tours so it will be easier and let the local help organizing the trips for you.

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