Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Central Vietnam

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Central Vietnam with our customers 

This was our Vietnam Photo Tours with our customers who came from Singapore. Our Guide led 16 customers on that trip exploring the Mekong Delta and then Central Vietnam. In the Mekong Delta, we explore some of the most beautiful destinations such as: Chau Doc, Kien Giang, Can Tho. After that, we went back to Sai Gon and flew to Quy Nhon City, a beautiful coastal city in central Vietnam, and began to explore this region.

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It was an amazing Vietnam Photo Tour with our customers. We explored Eo Gio Beach, took them to Xuan Hai Bay to have a wonderful panoramic view of the overlooking fishing village below. Our Photographer showed the customers the real Vietnam by visiting some remote areas that are unheard to tourists. From Quy Nhon City, we traveled up to Quang Ngai to see some beautiful craft villages and traditional works in the region such as crystal sugar making. We traveled up to some isolated mountain exploring and visit the mountain tribes there who are native to this region.

To continue our Vietnam Photo Tours, We visited Hoi An ancient town. The town is beautiful and tradition. We visited some of the most beautiful location in Hoi An such as: Tra Que vegetable village, Thanh Ha Pottery village where the villagers make a living by making pottery products, Cua Dai Beach is an amazing place to see the real Hoi An and how local fishermen fish by using traditional fishing methods that only practice in this region.

and then Hue City. We glad that our customers loved the trip and took a lot of photographs.

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