Vietnam Photo Tours – Cua Dai Beach – A hidden beauty of Hoi An

Vietnam Photo Tours – Cua Dai Beach – A hidden beauty of Hoi An – Central Vietnam Attractions

I could not remember how many times I have been to Hoi An. I love everything of this beautiful old town. Its culture, food, architecture, and the atmostphere there. I have led too many Vietnam photo tours, with many photographers around the world, to this beautiful old town and they love it.

The old town is spectacular. Local people and visitors flock into every corner of the old town. Many travel agents there offer Hoi An Day Trip or bike trip to visit Tra Que vegetable village. Some other visitors prefer to explore the town on a boat to Thanh Ha pottery village. But no travel agent there take visitors to Cua Dai Beach to see a maze of fishing nets dangling along the sea gate. Local people will work around from dawn until sunup. Some fishermen use coracle boats to get around. A couple of old sisters will cross to Hoai River going to the market and back home that way. This spot is also a beautiful place to watch sunrise.

When other travelers enjoyed their worldly pleasures, We, a coterie of friends who were addicted to photography, had to get up at 4:AM to get to a boat trip to Cua Dai Beach. After traveling for 10 days, I was exhausted that morning. My eyelids began to droop, and I became torpid, feeling like gliding on water and passing big fishing nets, some dangled above water, some submerged.
After shooting around, we went to Duy Hai fishing village and saw this man installing his half-submerged fishing net to trap fish.
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