Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Bao Loc City

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Bao Loc City – Central Vietnam Attractions 

Bao Loc is home to many minority groups and well-known for its tea plantations. Bao Loc has many beautiful landscape such as Đambri waterfall, Bao Lam Lake and more. It’s one of our photographer favorites destinations that we usually suggest our customers to visit when they are on Vietnam Photo Tours exploring Vietnam.


Tea plantation is one of the most intersting thing to capture when you are on Vietnam Photo Tour. There are many beautiful activities such as harvesting, watering, and beautiful landscape of the tea hills. All the hills are covered by tea and coffe that creates endless tea plantation in this City. Visitors can also find the finest tea and coffe in this region.

Đambri waterfall is a beautiful location to visit in Bao Loc City. The entrance fee is about 100.000VND (4.5$ US Dollars) There is an elevator to get down to the waterfall or visitors can choose to walk down. The waterfall is beautiful with wild flowers in the foreground. It’s one of the most beautiful location for wedding photographer who look for somewhere new and beautiful.


Thanh Xa in the early morning eveloped by fog is one of the most beautiful location in Bao Loc. We usually lead our customers who join our Vietnam Photo Tours to this location. It located right in the City center, so only takes about 15 minutes to get there. If you want to get there alone, get started at 5AM and head there waiting for sunrise.

Another attraction of Bao Loc City is Bao Lam Lake. This beautiful lake is amazing place to take photos both before sunrise and sunset. Local fishermen set up a network of nets on the lake creates mesmerizing patterns that is very photogenic.


Those places like Tea hills and Đambri are not only great for landscape photography but also great for wedding photos. If you are looking for a wedding photographers in Vietnam, please contact us.

We also have Vietnam Photo Tours, Central Vietnam Photo Tours exploring this beautiful region. If you need more information or help with travel advice, please contact us.

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