Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Cao Bang

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Cao Bang Province – One of the most beautiful provinces in northern highlands. 

It was our Vietnam Photo Tours with our customers exploring Cao Bang Province; One of the most beautiful destinations in the north during harvest season. The province shares border with China and well-known for its spectacular waterfall : Ban Gioc waterfall. But there are many beautiful locations that visitors should explore when on a Vietnam Photo Tours to this province. During harvest season, the whole town of Trung Khanh Look like painting. The fields begin to turn from green to yellowish, light yellow, and dark yellow. That makes an amzing landscape for visitors to contemplate.


It’s one of our favorite destinations when leading photographic groups to explore the north. Due to different planting time, the rice fields have different colors. Some are already to be harvested, some are still green.

Most of the visitors to this province usually truck drivers who transporting goods from Vietnam to China and vice versa. And the other parts of visitors normally go straight to Ban Gioc waterfall and usually skip Trung Khanh Village. It’s one of the most beautiful village in the whole region. If you are a photographer and looking for a new destination to explore, take your time to visit Trung Khanh.

We spent more than a week in just one this particular village and could not get enough beautiful landscape photos.


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