From a distance, Da Dia Rock CD as a giant beehive, black legend, stand out from the blue of the sea. When approaching, bore disc husband look like in the kilns or large restaurant.

From Phu Yen there are many ways to go to Da Dia Reef. Road under Highway 1A’s about 30km north, Chi Thanh town to turn right around 12km to the east and by sea (loss of 1- 2hours), ward from the harbor 6, Tp.Tuy Hoa. Each vehicle for the different emotions, roadside landscape but also other guests waterway travelers often choose to just not strenuous hike, both can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, the beach, the island…

True to its name, view from above, Da Dia Reef as a stack of shiny black plate with stone circles and polygons stacking, fit together looks really strange that visitors think of the game’s giant Lego Creator. The Lego games submersible, floating in the blue half whispering array of sea, the fishing boat as far into the realm of natural ru fetal heart. (wikivietnam).

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Vietnam photo tours – Exploring Ganh Da Dia – Phu Yen

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