Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Phan Rang Pottery Village

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Phan Rang Pottery Village

We had Vietnam Photo Tours with our customers exploring this beautiful province : Phan Rang and its pottery village. It’s an amazing Vietnam photo tour. We picked our customers up in Sai Gon and travel up to Phan Ri Cua exploring the coastal life there. Phan Ri Cua is a beautiful fishing village. Each morning, fishermen rush into the port transporting fish to the shore and sale the goods right there which makes the scene very photogenic. If you love coastal life and fishing acitivities, this village is a great place for you.

Besides that, there are many more beautiful landscape and fishing activities that you would love to capture such as : Ganh Son which is great for landscape and seascape photography. Co Thach the rocky beach is also a great place for long exposure photography during sunrise during moss season which covers all the rocks in the area. Offers Vietnam Photo Tours exploring around Vietnam with us. Take breathtaking photos during your trip


After staying there for one night, we headed to Phan Rang and visited Bau Truc Pottery village where a minority community of Cham People reside and make a living by producing pottery products and weaving silk.

The village is a great place for Vietnam Photo Tours, if you love street life or portrait photography then this village is an amazing place for you. Each house showcases their products in front of the house and there are many old people wearing their traditional dress walking around the village.

The blue eye girl is also living in the village. But she was at school and we had to go back later that afternoon to capture her portrait.

We spent time exploring other fishing villages in Phan Rang and our Vietnam Photo Tours went on. It was an amazing trip to this region.

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If you are a photographer and looking for interesting locations to take photos during your trip to Vietnam, this place is amazing. If you have time, you can explore it yourself. If you don’t have much time, then join us, everything will be arranged. You just go there, take photos, and finish your trip with amazing pics.

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