Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Phan Thiet a coastal Village

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Phan Thiet a coastal Village

Phan Thiet is a well-known tourist destinations to Vietnamese people for decades. It’s most favorited locations are the white sand beaches and its sand dunes. They are great places for a swim during summer. But nowadays, there are more hidden places for photographers to explore which may not be heard by a regular tourist.

Last week, we led some Vietnam Photo Tours exploring this beautiful village in Phan Thiet to shoot one of the most interesting activities in the area which is rice noodle making. The photographers who joined us had a chance to learn and take awesome photos of local workers making rice noodles. The smoke and lighting were incredible which was perfect to depict local life. After that, our Vietnam Photo Tours continue to Phan Rang to capture portrait of the Blue Eye Girl who is fonded of by local photographers. Offers Vietnam Photo Tours exploring around Vietnam with us. Take breathtaking photos during your trip


If you are a photographer and looking for interesting locations to take photos during your trip to Vietnam, this place is amazing. If you have time, you can explore it yourself. If you don’t have much time, then join us, everything will be arranged. You just go there, take photos, and finish your trip with amazing pics.

Join our Vietnam Photo Tours to explore Phan Thiet, Phan Rang and other region along the coast. If you love the Mekong Delta, join our Mekong Photo Tours. We have Vietnam Photo Tour Package for up to 30 days exploring the whole Vietnam.

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