Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Phu Quoc island

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Finger nail island – Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc island is the largest island in Vietnam and located in Kien Giang Province – The Mekong Delta – Vietnam. More and more visitors love to explore this beautiful island. We had Vietnam Photo Tours with our customers to the island a few weeks aga. So we would like to share some information and some new destinations to those who like to explore this island alone.

In this post, We would like to introduce visitors to one of the most beautiful island in Phu Quoc. It’s called finger nail island. To get there, visitors have to take a boat from An Thoi and it takes a bout 30 minutes to get to the island.


There are some travel agents offer tour to the island daily. But most of them only get you to 2 islands. If you want to explore the adjacent islands in the system, you should rent a boat or speed boat to get around.

It costs a bout 1.5millions for a slow boat or up to 2 millions for a speed boat. Visitors should bargain for a good price. The food there is expensive also. We will have another post about the local night market in Duong Dong district.

getting to Phu Quoc island:

  • Visitors will have two options: – Fly directly from Sai Gon or Ha Noi to Phu Quoc island or from another country to Phu Quoc internation airport.
  • If you are traveling down the Mekong Delta, take a bus to explore Rach Gia City where there are many tradtional villages, then take a boat to Phu Quoc island. It costs about 330.000VND/ticket (one way ticket).

If you are planning to visit Phu Quoc island and need travel advice, please let us know. If you are looking for Vietnam Photo Tours, Mekong Photo Tours, Phu Quoc Photo Tours, Please contact us.

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