Vietnam Photo Tours – Pha Tam Giang Lagoon

Vietnam Photo ToursPha Tam Giang Lagoon – Hue Attractions – One of the most beautiful locations in Central Vietnam. 

When we operate Central Vietnam Photo Tours, we always include Tam Giang Lagoon to our itinerary because it’s one of the most beautiful locations in Central Vietnam and very photogenic for photographers to explore. But first, let’s talk about the name of the lagoon first.

Pha Tam Giang is a very general term that refers to many small lagoon in Hue such as : Dam Chuon, Dam Quang Loi, Dam Cau Hai. So when you ask a local in Hue city about Pha Tam Giang, they will get confused because every lagoon is Pha Tam Giang to them. Unless you can provide specific name of the lagoon that you like to visit.

Pha Tam Giang stretches from O Lau River to Huong River and spreads over 4 districts: Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra, and Phu Vang. The depth of the water in the lagoon is relatively shallow (from 2-4 meters) that has direct access to the east Vietnam Sea.

Local fishermen put their nets in a unique way to catch saltwater fish that creates spectacular patterns and have a great shooting oppoturnity. Two of the most well-known to Vietnamese photographer are: Dam Chuon – It’s recently attracts local tourists a lot, and Quang Loi lagoon: A new location and great for both landscape photography and local people daily life.

Quang Loi Lagoon

What makes these locations great is that their unique and traditional boats with special shape that only available in this City. The traditional fishing method that make the scene very interesting to capture.

If you are planning to visit Central Vietnam, do not forget to include those places into your itinerary. We wish you have a nice trip in Vietnam.

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