Vietnam Photo Tours -Seagull seasons in Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province

 Vietnam Photo Tours -Seagull seasons in Rach Gia City, Kien Giang Province – Mekong Attractions

Kien Giang Province located on the gulf of Thailand. It’s also the only place in Vietnam that visitors can watch seagulls.  Every year, groups of seagulls from the close by islands like Nam Du island, Phu Quoc island will flock into the coast of Rach Gia City and stay there until middle of April before they go back to the island. The seagulls attract many visitors and it’s one of Rach Gia interesting activity to see, especially for bird lovers and wildlife photographers.

Seagulls are migratory birds that only come to Rach Gia City coast after lunar new year, for a few month, and leave when rain season comes. During that time, the weather is warmer and there is abundant of fish. The seagulls will fly along the shore and fish markets – In Mekong Delta, fish markets are always located by riverside – where fishmongers throw small fish into the water.

The seagulls will fly a long the coast of Rach Gia from the early morning until dusk searching for food. If you love watching birds or you are a photographer, travel to Rach Gia City during this time, and want to capture photos of these seagulls, you can get a long the shore or just go to any beachfront coffe shop along the shore and watch them .

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