Vietnam Photo Tours – What to see in Da Lat City

Vietnam Photo Tours – What to see in Da Lat City – Vietnam Southern highlands. 

Da Lat is one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam Northern highlands and also known as the city of eternal spring. This beautiful city used to be Frech Rulers vacation home and has a great impact of French architecture. The weather is relatively cool all year round and cold during winter from december and a little froggy during this time. It’s a perfect time for photographers to capture mesmerizing landscape during this time of the year. It’s one of our most favorite cities to visit with our customers on Vietnam Photo Tours.


Let’s find out what and where to see in Da Lat City. This post mainly focus on photogenic places for photographers who love to travel Vietnam alone or to join Vietnam Photo Tours.

1/ Da Sar early morning.


Da Sar is a beautiful village that local farmers farm vegetables in their greenhouses. And this is a great place to wait for sunrise. This location is recently discovered by local photographers. If you want to visit there, you have to trek through some coffe land, about 3km hillside, before you can reach to the hill top. Visitors can be easily lost. Our advice is to get a guide who know how to navigate through this maze of coffe farms.

2/ Langbiang mountain:


The mountain is home to thousands of minority people who are native of this region, K’Ho people. This mountain offer spectacular landscape in the early morning. Visitors can visit here and wait for sunrise. From the top of the mountain, visitors can have a panoramic view of the City and overlooking Tuyen Lam Lake – the greatest lake of Da Lat City.

Join the mountain tribe traditional dance and capture the most beautiful dance during sunset is a must for photographers who truly want to capture the soul of the city.


There are many shooting oppoturnity in this area, visit their houses and meet the oldest lady, the last custodian of the K’Ho culture. She doesn’t speak Vietnamese. She is old but still smoke daily by her window.

3/ Do you like to take cityscape photography? If you do, get around the city in the early morning and late after 6PM around the greenhouses when the farmers light up their houses that create wonderful cityscape.


4/ Cau Dat Tea plantation.

Cau Dat district located about 20km away from Da Lat City and is the biggest plantation in the entire city. It’s a favorite spot for wedding photographers and people who look for a beautiful location for their wedding photos in vietnam. Green Tea cover all the hillside. It’s a beautiful place to visit if you are on Vietnam Photo Tours.


5/ Trai Mat Vegetable terriced fields.

This location is one of our favorite one. Local farmers farm many kind of vegetables on their terraced fields and supply enough vegetable for the south. Flowers are also farmed along with vegetables.


6/ Tuyen Lam Lake.

One of the most beautiful location in Da Lat to see local fishermen use traditional fishing methods to catch fish. Most visitors will miss this spot and if you join a regular tour that offer by regular travel agent, they won’t lead you there.


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