Vietnam Photo Tours – What to see in Dong Thap Province – Mekong Attractions

Vietnam Photo Tours – What to see in Dong Thap Province – Mekong Attractions

Dong Thap Province is one of the most beautiful provinces in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam. There are many beautiful and historical places to visit – Especially in Sa Dec City. Sa Dec is also known for its largest flower village in the mekong delta. Tan Qui Dong is known for its famous flower farming. All the flowers are grown in this beautiufl city and distribute across the south of Vietnam. Let’s take a look some more beautiful destinations in Dong Thap province.

1 – The first place that I’d like to introduce you to visit is Huynh Thuy Le building. It used to be Le’s home and his love story inspired a french director to make a movie call the lover which based on his true life event. If you have not watched that movie, you should check it out and when you visit the Mekong Delta. Take your time to visit his old house which have become a famous spot in Sa Dec City that attracts a lot of local visitors.

2 – Tan Qui Dong – Flower village.

This is one of the most beautiful destinations in the mekong delta where the villagers make a living by farming flowers – Various kind of tropical flowers. Most of them will be sold before lunar new year and distributed across the south vietnam. During that time, the village become colorful and attract many local visitors. This is also a great spot for wedding photos in Vietnam. If you are thinking about hiring a local photographer to take your wedding photos in Vietnam, don’t forget this location. It’s beautiful and very photogenic.



3 – Mandarin orange garderns.

This is a new attraction in the Mekong Delta. Not many foreigners know about this place but well-known to local tourists. Mandarin Orange is farm every where and the red color dotted across the garden. Entrance fee is 50.000VNĐ (about 4$). Visitors can try some at the entrance gate. If you want to buy more. It’s about 25.000VNĐ (1.3$) /kg.


4- Mat Weaving village – A new destination for photographers who love to see new activities and learn about the Vietnamese culture. The villagers make a living by weaving mat. Gray sedge is farm in the village. Workers will dry the gray sedge first, then dye them into various colors, dry again, and then put into weaving machines. It’s very photogenic and very interesting to shoot. If you are a photographer and looking to explore Vietnam. Check this village out.


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