Vietnam Photo Tours – What to see in Phan Rang

If you are a photographer and planning to visit Phan Rang, this post can give most information about where are the most photogenic locations in Phan Rang. It’s also a great place for couple to have their wedding photos taken. If you have questions or looking for Vietnam Photo Tours, or a wedding photographer in Vietnam, contact us.

Phan Rang is a beautiful destination that is close to the central coast. It has many beautiful locations to offer for photographer to explore and capture beautiful photos. Its diversity of culture and ethnicity also give photographers a wide range to shoot from landscape photography, seascape photography, portrait, and local people daily life.

On top of our list that we’d like to recommend is Nam Cuong Sand Dunes. This is the most beautiful sand dunes in Vietnam. It’s also great because no tourists there so you can have your alone time being creative. It’s also a great place to wait for sunset and sunrise. But in my opinion, sunrise will be more beautiful there.

I think, it’s not only beautiful for regular tourists or photographers, It’s great for couple who are looking for new location for their wedding photos in Vietnam.

Another beautiful location in Phan Rang would be Bau Truc village where local people making pottery products. The people here are Cham people who once had their independent kingdom in this region. But nowadays, they became a minority group in this Province. However, they still dress and speak their own language.

Close to Bau Truc Village is another village that the cham people still do and mantain their traditional job weaving fabrics.

There are many beautiful fishing villages in this Province, such as: Hon Thien village where local fishermen use small canoes to fish. There are also some beautiful place to take seascape photography such as Hang Rai and Vinh Hy Bay. The local people in this region also hearding sheep for a living.

If you are a regular tourists, you can take your time to visit some beautiful grape gardens there.

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