Vietnam Photo Tours – What to shoot in Phan Rang

Vietnam Photo Tours – What to shoot in Phan Rang

We were recently on Vietnam Photo Tours with our customers exploring Phan Rang Province. It’s beautiful season to shoot fishing nets there in Phan Rang. If you love to shoot people life style in Vietnam and looking for some acitivities such as mending fishing nets, you may love this province.

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During this time, local fishermen gather at a local fishing port and making, mending broken fishing nets and prepare everything for the next trip. The colorful nets will make your Vietnam Photo Trip become more interesting. If you are looking for a travel agent in Ho Chi Minh City who offer Vietnam Photo Tours exploring Phan Rang during this City, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We organize Photo Tours around Vietnam from the Mekong Delta up to the northern highlands.


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