Vietnam Photo Tours – What to shoot in Phan Rang

Phan Rang is a beautiful coastal City of Ninh Thuan and it’s very photogenic. You can literally shoot everything in this City from Seascape to Portrait and people life style.

This was our Vietnam Photo Tours with our customers exploring this beautiful City. We’re been there many times before and this time we focus on shooting portrait of this blue-eyed Cham girl in this pottery village. They are a vietnamese family and the father has 2 blue eyes. But this girl, Sapa, has one black and one blue eye. It’s called Yin/yang eyes. Offers Vietnam Photo Tours to shoot around Phan Rang.

If you are planning to visit Phan Rang and looking for something sensation and exotic to shoot, you must take your chance to capture the beauty of her eyes.

If you are interested, Join our Vietnam Photo Tours to explore this beautiful village and take her photos with us.

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