Vietnam’s top destinations : Tea hills

Tea is a very popular drink in Vietnam. If  you visit Vietnam both big cities and country sides, you will see many people, mostly adults, drink tea every morning. Vietnamese people learnt to grow tea a very long time ago. If you attend a vietnamese tradtional wedding, you will also see they will have tea during wedding ceremony. Vietnamese people drink tea almost everywhere, and drinking tea become a culture.

Back to our topic : Vietnam’s top destinations : Tea hills, we would like to introduce you, photography lovers,  to Lam Dong highland province where you will see thousand of tea hills. You will see tea hills every where in this province. Just get to the main roads and drive along, you will easily spot endless tea hills in this province. You will see Tea workers picking tea leaves, drying tea leaves, and more.

Lam Dong is home to many tea production factories, and It’s also the place that produces the finest tea in Vietnam. The most well-know tea in this province is Oo Long Tea (Black Dragon Tea). Lam Dong is a big province and there are many places to see tea production, but as photographers and if we have to recommend beautiful destinations for our fellow photographers, we will suggest you to visit Bao Loc City to see Tam Chau tea hills and Da Lat to see Cau Dat Tea hills.

Why we chose Tea production in Bao Loc and Da Lat as our Vietnam’s Top Destinations for photography?

Because it’s a highland province, the weather is always cool, during winter from late Christmas is best place to shoot sunirse landscape because during this season, those tea hills will be covered in fog. That makes this destination looks amazing. After that, you can see many tea workers picking tea leaves. This is great for many kind of photography.

This Province is also a great destination for wedding photography. Our photographers have traveled here with many couples for their wedding photography. If you plan to have your wedding photos taken in Vietnam, You should consider to visit this province. We also provide wedding photo service for couple who are getting married in Vietnam.

If you want to buy something as souvenirs, buy some tea and coffe, because this region produces the finest tea and coffe. They can offer you good quality with a good price because you buy directly from the sellers here.

How to get to Bao Loc and Da Lat:

  • From Sai Gon, take a sleeper bus or any bus to get to Bao Loc. It takes about 4-5 hours to get to Bao Loc.
  • From Bao Loc, Take another bus to Da Lat. It takes about 4 hours to get to Da Lat from Bao Loc.
  • From Da Lat Center, you can rent a motorbike and get to Cau Dat Tea Hills. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get there.

Best time to Visit Bao Loc & Da Lat:

  • Any time of the year except rainy seasons.
  • During christmas to June.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Vietnam’s top destinations : Tea hills

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