As usual, we were on a long Vietnam Photo Tour with our customers who are from oversea, and Hue City was one of our destinations to visit. Just like other Vietnam Photo Trip, with our customers, we started in Sai Gon, and travel up to Central Vietnam before reaching Hue City.

Hue City is normally hotter than other cities and regions from south Vietnam, and because we traveled to Hue during the hottest time of summer, it was much hotter than we expected. Luckily, we had cold bottles of water stored in our Van, so we could endure and overcome that hot weather during our stay.

Hue has to many historic sites to offer tourists like the Imperial Citadel which was choosen as World heritage, and many beautiful landscapes that visitors can visit like: Vong Canh Hill, the DMZ, the century tombs of the former emperors like: Khai Dinh, Tu Duc..

There are many new hotels and restaurants have been built in Hue City. Tourists can choose to stay in a cheap hotel or a 4 star hotel, and even in a cheap hotel, they have postcard with helpful information for tourists, and some even offer Tours for visitors to expolore Hue City. There are many travel agent in Hue City and they speak many languages like french, english, japanese. Please join Travel Agent in Hue to support our country instead of some foreign people trying to provide Hue tours – Those tours are not qualified by our gorvement and usually spead out false information about our history.

We stayed right in the center of Hue City because it’s easier for us to travel around and to meet local photographers. We visited the Imperial Citadel to take photos of this ancient town. We also visited Tu Duc and Khai Dinh Tombs. But our favorite destinations in Hue City were : Pha Tam Giang River and Cau Hai River which located on the outskirt of Hue City.

Pha Tam Giang is a system of swamps that have direct access into west Vietnam Sea. Local fishermen use fishing net, partly emerge and float on water, to trap salt water fish along the swamps. Unlike other parts of Vietnam, local fishermen in Hue still use small traditional boats with a stick to lure fish into their net. The shape of the boat is uniquely beautiful and very photogenic. They are great destinations for photographers around the world who one to capture one of the most beautiful fishing village in Vietnam.

If you are just going to explore Hue City, you can join a boat tour there listening to Hue Song along Huong River. If you are photographers and looking to explore Hue in a diffrent way, join our Vietnam Photo Tours, we will help you to achieve your goal faster, easier, and there fore save money. We have package tours photographers, please check us out.

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Visit Hue city to see traditional fishing boats

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