Visitor Center

Rach Gia Visitor Center. 

There is a tourism information center in Rach Gia City already. But after witnessing that 2 foreginers, were lost when a travel agent in Phu Quoc island dumped them, were mobbed by local motobike taxi riders in Rach Gia City, I decided to open my own visitor center here in my home. Here are what I can do to help visitors who travel to Rach Gia City the first time and have difficulty finding information or dealing with local people or getting lost.

  • If this is your first time visiting Rach Gia City and looking for travel information about Rach Gia City or Rach Gia’s attractions, you can give me a call. I can help you planning your trip.
  • If you have difficulty buying Phu Quoc ferry tickets, I can help you to get ones.
  • If you have difficulty understanding local people or need an English translator, I can help you with that.
  • Emergency situations such as lost your luggages or upexpected accidents and don’t know where or who to call, you can always give me a call.

Please note that all the services that I provide above are Free Of Charge. I just want to help those in need when traveling to Rach Gia City.

So if you are looking for a visitor center, or tourist information center, in Rach Gia City, Give me a call.