Wood carving not a rare activity in Vietnam. In Mekong Delta, there are always some wood carving workshop in each province of the Mekong Delta. If you come to Kien Giang Province, you can easily spot some wood carving workshop on the main roads. In this article, we are going to find a rare wood carving workshop in Mekong Delta which you may not be able to see everyday. In this article, we talk about wood carving monks. Yes, some cambodian monks who are not only monks but also artists and they live in Hang Pagoda – Tra Vinh City.

Hang pagoda located about 4km away from Tra Vinh City center. The name Hang pagoda is not its formal name but called by local people and local photographers there based on the shape of the gate into the main pagoda. The main gates look unique with tree small gates. They are oval shape in the head and long spread forward the temple. Hang pagoda is also home to thousand white storks. A long the main pagoda there are many trees there, visitors can easily spot stork nests on the tree. Visitors can also heard they sound even far away when they just got into the pagoda.

On the left of pagoda is small class where head monks teach young monks and other cambodian citizens there both young and adults. Go straight forward visitors can see their wood carving workshop, where young monks learn to make beautufil products from wood. Close by there is a wood carving product store where visitors can buy some small wood carving products. Some local people can come here to buy some furnitures to decorate their houses like Tables, Chair ..etc and they are so beautiful. You can see the photo of this article that a young monk turning a simple piece of wood into life – A masterpiece of art.

Recently, Hang pagoda has become a good destination for tourists. Many travelers know this place and pay a visit. Hang pagoda is also a great destinations for local photographers and many foreign photographers. They visit to shoot those white stork and the wood carving monks. In my opinion, this temple is a great destinations for photographers or whoever loves photography.

How to get there:

  • If you are already in Tra Vinh City, take a cab and tell them to get you to Hang Pagoda. It takes only 5-10 minutes to get there.
  • If you are in Sai Gon or other provinces, take a bus to get to Tra Vinh and from there, you can easily reach Hang Pagoda.

Activities to shoot:

  • Shoot wild birds – white storks
  • Architecture and wood carving monks that you may not see anywhere else in Vietnam.

Best time to shoot:

  • Early morning or from 3-4 PM in the afternoon.


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Wood carving in Mekong Delta